Sunday, January 20, 2013

Great start at the ACC!

I got some photos during part of the kids / family time.  About 15 min after this we had a bunch more folks show up.  After 4:00 we had four teams of 6 or 7 for a while.  Then we eased down to 3 teams, and eventually to 2 teams of 5.  

We called it quits at 6:00.  So despite the crowding earlier, we had room for more folks later in the day.   I wonder if we could name the last 2 hours as especially good for the faster paced game?  

Also, it would be really helpful if we could get all of the kids to show up for one hour in particular where all the kids would be on the court, with a couple of adults / parents playing supporting roles.  (the first hour perhaps?  

Anyways, here are some more photos.

Someone make a run to back post!

Yay! The kids get a goal.

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