Futsal at the ACC

In 2013Athens Futsal signed an agreement with the Athens Community Center to promote the sport of Futsal, the ACC, and a model of the sport that is inclusive, educational, and based on principles of fair play and compassion.  Players of all abilities, genders, ages, and backgrounds are welcome during pick up Futsal.  Players unfamiliar with our inclusive and non competitive approach to futsal should read the rules and expectations for futusal at the ACC as well as the Introduction to Athens Futsal.  

ACC offers four payment options for futsal:
  1. Day passes ($5, kids under 9 are free with an adult)
  2. Punch-pass ($60 for 20 visits) can be shared between several people
  3. Memberships (Individual or family)  
  4. Special programs like "Youth Futsal" and "Latenight Futsal" have event fees

Types of scheduled Futsal Programs:   

Family Futsal:  families, kids, adults.    This is pick up team futsal.  We form balanced teams of mixed age groups and rotate on and off the court.  If needed we split into two pairs of teams to allow for different paced games in the same time slot.  All teams are expected to play in the spirit of family futsal where the three key rules are:  have fun, don't hurt anyone, and take it easy on those that need to be taken easy upon. 
Winter / Spring 2015:    

Latenight Futsal:   is played in the same friendly spirit as family futsal but based consistent teams and is appropriate for more experienced players due to the fast pace of play.  Players are primarily adults, but highly skilled athletes of middle school age or older are welcome as well.  Latenight futsal is organized into seasons that last about 6-10 weeks.  The cost varies according to the number of teams and time played, but the per player cost is normally $20 to $25 per player, per season.  Sign up is announced through the Athens Futsal email list.
Winter 2015: 

Women's Futsal:   Adult women who play futsal or soccer.  This community building event welcomes women (ages 18 and up) of all abilities and skill levels.  We form balanced teams and play in the same positive spirit as family futsal. 
Winter 2014-2015:  Sunday 5:00 to 6:45;  Dec 21st, resuming January 4th, 2015.

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