Monday, November 21, 2016

Athens Futsal Style of Play

The Athens Futsal "Style of Play":

Be welcoming to all players:  this means that we “take it easy on those that need to be taken easy upon” and we alter our play to support the growth and success of players of all ages, genders, abilities and backgrounds.  
Demonstrate honor and compassion:  the quality of the game experience is best when players demonstrate honor for the spirit of the game, and compassion for their competitors.  Players follow both the letter and the spirit of the rules.  Because we are entirely self-officiated, we call fouls on ourselves and err on the side of generosity.  Advanced players are expected to demonstrate leadership through honoring the spirit of the game and by watching out for the safety of players on both teams in the game.
Elevate skillful team play:  we encourage and cheer for the quality of good plays, while helping others develop and express their skills.  This means that the most advanced players need to facilitate the success of the players on their team. Encourage players to express themselves and develop their skills in the game.
Best players need to show leadership: In combination these three principles require the most advanced players to demonstrate leadership in how they play. The quality of the play experience for all should be obviously more important than the outcome. This is the key to preserving a high quality learning experience for all players.

The structure of the games:

  1. Teams play 7 v 7 or 6 v 6 depending on what the two teams prefer.
    1. Historically we played on basketball courts at the Athens community center, so the fieldhouse courts will be much larger and should offer great quality play with either 6 or 7 players.
  2. We play without keepers-  all players are field players.  Two related constraints on shots:
    1. No long shots (the final 1/4 shooting range will be marked with cones)
    2. Shots are kept low (knee high or lower)
    3. The exception to both rules is that headers can be scored from anywhere, at any height.
    4. Shoot with precision and control.
  3. Teams will play a series of 4 games of about 13 min in each hour.
    1. The rotating basis of teams allows more variety each game day
    2. Rotation also prevents the need for a schedule.
  4. Games are completely self-officiated
    1. This means that all players, especially the team leaders and most advanced players need to exemplify the principles listed above.
    2. Three basic rules
      1. Have fun.  Don’t hurt anyone (including yourself).  Take it easy on those that need to be taken easy upon.  
    3. Futsal is a minimum contact sport (world cup level futsal is much less contact than rec soccer) our expectations are for even more self control.  We are playing for fun and quality.
  5. Restarts of play
    1. Out of bounds is an indirect kick from location of out of bounds, or corner in case of corner kick.
    2. Opposing players must be at least 3 meters away from the kick-in.
    3. Restarts must be taken quickly, within 4 seconds of placing the ball on the ground
    4. Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere in the final 1/4 of the field.
      1. after a goal is scored the defending team makes a quickly taken goal kick.

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