Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Futsal basics at the ACC

Day passes for the ACC are $5, and 20 visit punch passes are $60 ($3 per visit).   Multiple people can share the same pass.

Futsal at the ACC is played on a basketball court with a low bounce ball.  Futsal involves less running and tighter skill and precision than outdoor soccer or standard US indoor soccer.  We self officiate with a very friendly atmosphere. We don't keep score and we cheer for all of the good plays.
  1. Three basic rules: 
    1. Have fun
    2. Don't hurt anyone (including yourself)
    3. Take it easy on those that need to be take easy upon. 
  2. Bring your shin guards and your indoor shoes or running shoes. 

See the links above for the detailed rules, the mission and the schedule for Athens Futsal.

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