Saturday, November 15, 2014

Games start Nov. 18th!

Rule discussion with Referee Simon
League A will begin promptly at 6:00 with a rule review and introduction from Referee Simon.  The first match will begin at 6:10 after the review and introduction are completed.   The League Z rule review will begin at 7:30, games beginning at 7:40.  On thursday there will be a 10 min warm up period at the start of each league time period.

Practice time happens while your team is not in a game
We will be working with players on skills and  tactics during the games that their team is sitting out.  This includes watching the play and commenting on events, tactics, and positioning as well as players working independently in small groups on passing, trapping and dribbling.  This tuesday players should focus on cushion trapping and side foot passes in addition to watching the games to improve their understanding of roles and positions in futsal.

New skills introduced every Thursday
On Thursday Coach Mitch will introduce a new footskill for players to practice.

All teams will play 4 short games (12 min each)
During our first two weeks we will try playing 12 min games (with 1 min for transitioning), each team will play 4 games. Schedule of games, with the same pattern for both leagues :
  1. Red/Orange        Vrs    Yellow/Green   [A 6:10]  [Z 7:40]
  2. Yellow/Green     Vrs    Blue                  [A 6:23]  [Z 7:53]
  3. Red/Orange        Vrs    Blue                  [A 6:36]  [Z 8:06]
  4. Red/Orange        Vrs    Yellow/Green   [A 6:49]  [Z 8:19]
  5. Yellow/Green    Vrs     Blue                  [A 7:02]  [Z 8:32]
  6. Red/Orange        Vrs    Blue                  [A 7:15]  [Z 8:45]
Shin guards, clean shoes and team colors 
  • All players must whear shin guards.   (I found a shin guard at the ACC on Thursday).
  • Wear CLEAN shoes!  
  • Wear your team color!   Double check the list-- some players are confused about which team they are on.
Important safety reminder 

Players are reminded to play with control and to avoid striking the ball out of control, and especially striking the ball high.   Hitting the ceiling, lights or sending the ball onto the upper level is a yellow card offense, and includes a penalty period of at least one minute.   

Futsal is not the same as indoor soccer. Read the full explanation of rules linked here. 

Some key futsal rule differences   
  1. Futsal is minimum contact, not a contact sport like soccer.
  2. ACC futsal requires players to use extra control due to the mixed use facility
  3. Yellow card offenses include a penalty period (1 player deficit) at least 1 minute
  4. Striking lights, ceiling or upper deck of facility is a yellow card offense.
  5. All kick-ins must be taken promptly (4 seconds) or they are forfeited to the other team
    1. Defending team must give 10 feet from ball.
  6. Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere in the goal area
  7. Shots are only scored if knee high or lower, and from within the goal area
  8. There are no goalies, there are just field players

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