Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Futsal

Turf field futsal. 1:30 to 3:30; Sundays all winter [Outdoors!]
Location:  Athens High School stadium field. 

To participate in turf field futsal you need to be a member of Athens Community Soccer (ACS) which organizes the Saturday soccer league during spring, summer and fall. You can sign up for ACS online, and enrollment includes a full 12 months of participation in ACS leagues. Another major benefit of ACS membership is that it provides per person facility and accident insurance during events. ACS is $35 annual for adults, $20 annual for youth.  We bring ACS forms to the field. 

ACC futsal, 6:00-8:45; Fridays in January [Indoors!] 
Location: Athens Community Center. 

Futsal is free, but you have to pay to use the building. Day passes $5.00, punch passes 20 for $60, or membership in the ACC. Ted usually purchases a punch pass and puts it at the front desk for NEW futsal players to use, and then people who enter using the pass are asked to pay him $3.00. Once you plan to come regularly, you should plan to buy a punch pass. 

GASA (Greater Athens Soccer Association) supports soccer and youth soccer programs in Athens.  GASA recently purchased goals for the Walmart fields, and new goals and the equipment pictured above for Athens Futsal.   Futsal in Athens would not be possible without the support of GASA.   If you enjoy Athens family futsal please
Donate to GASA online via PayPal!.  Thanks!

Futsal email list:    send an email to h.t.welser  AT

Turf field weather rubric:
Sunday participation depends on weather, but we are hearty souls, and will plan to play under most conditions: 

sunny and 27 or warmer? = play 
clouds and 33 and warmer? = play
rain 45 and warmer? = play
lightning? = no play

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